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Mainstream Media Mania Hits SOCMA

Posted: 03/10/11 at 2:51 PM

By Lawrence D. Sloan, SOCMA President & CEO -

Lawrence D. Sloan, SOCMA President & CEOSOCMA continues to be recognized by the mainstream media as a respected authority of the batch, custom and specialty chemical industry.  Reporters routinely tell us how accessible we are, and how they are able to obtain accurate updates in a very short turnaround.

This year alone, Reuters, Bloomberg Businessweek, and even ABC News, have turned to us for insight and analysis.  We give equal attention to every request we receive, from print and broadcast to mainstream and trade press -- SOCMA is gaining a reputation as the go-to source for our sector.

Just a couple weeks ago, ABC News contacted SOCMA to be interviewed for their World News Tonight program to comment on the successful arrest of that Saudi Arabian chemical engineering student who attempted to purchase phenol and a couple different types of acids to make an IED.  Kudos to Carolina Biological Supply for doing the right thing and notifying the Feds promptly.  Chemical security protocol can and does work, you see.  SOCMA jumped at the opportunity and I was in the chair being prepped for the interview within an hour of our taking the call.  Unfortunately, I ended up on the proverbial editing floor due to time constraints of that evening’s broadcast. BUT…I enjoyed the experience and welcomed the chance to get to know the folks behind the show, even though I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Diane Sawyer!

I’m also excited about an upcoming SOCMA feature in a major mainstream publication targeted to financial leaders around the globe. While I can’t get into the details right now, expect to see a report on SOCMA at the newsstands this summer. I hope to provide additional updates in the coming months.

Stay tuned!

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